When given the brief at hand, I had to use the artist given to me and produce designs inspired by this artists work to produce six illustrations as a collection. This collection would need a common theme that would feature in each of the six illustrations, tying together all my designs inspired by artist research.

To begin with after doing group work on our given artist Anish Kapoor. Fifteen images had to be selected, then responses to those images in my chosen media. Anish Kapoor’s sculptures are very futuristic, modern, unique, reflective and more importantly see our surroundings from a new perspective.


To become more aware of the trends coming year in 2017, some research was needed. The website gave me an insight to last years trends giving me more of an idea about the different styles and colours of each season . I predominantly used the catwalk section, Spring/Summer and Autumn/ Winter updates for my second chosen fifteen images that would inspire my illustrations to come.

Another useful website that further developed my designs and interest was, having made an account and given a login, It enabled me to explore future trends of 2017 to come. This was thoroughly exciting as you got an insight of potential colours, materials, and designers that will be dominating the fashion of next year.

For me, Pinterest is a great way of exploring all sorts of content for design and art and general knowledge. Acting as a personalised media platform I am able to collate a range of images together. Through researching fashion trends, I found some really exciting images of intricate beading and delicate detailed garments that link to my favourite images that I found on and I found that the more I researched into fashion the more I began to be more comfortable with experimenting in my sketchbook.


At this stage having got all my research together, this was where the fun began. Having already experimented with colour and sketching with my artist and trend research. I could now feel more comfortable with exploring new ideas and narrow down my theme of my collection. This began with sketching, quick mark making and collaging.

I moved swiftly into photocopying my watercolour studies, sketches and favourite mark making and experimenting with collage which is something i’ve not experimented with much before. I enjoyed the process of just creating ideas knowing I’ve never done fashion before and yet I felt it made me more confident in trying new materials to create some interesting visuals.

Media and Materials

Initially I used fine liners and water, as I’m most comfortable with these materials and I’m slightly reluctant to use colour. However from looking at my project at the beginning especially there was little colours used in Anish Kapoor’s work apart from the colour red which in the end I left behind. Silvery grey tones are more recurrent throughout and this heavily influenced my end designs colour wise and also from my studies made inspired by either lines, shapes, tones seen in Kapoor’s work.

Then I moved into photocopies, paper folding, watercolour, inks, threads, wool, coloured pens and more. All in all, I’m surprised by how experimental I’ve been within this rotation. I feel that the project brief was really interesting and exciting for me, leading me to produce some interesting work.


In conclusion, I struggled to finish the illustrations in time. However I can visualise the whole collection due to the amount of preparation, experimentation and exploration work made in oder for me to eventually produce my fashion illustrations. My collection is shaped my lace, grey silvery shades, sheer fabric, pleats, ruched skirts and jackets. Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed this rotation and have learnt so much about the fashion industry that I never knew before.

As a whole when I finalised my collection i found it incredibly easy due to all the research prior to making all six designs. This rotation has led me to see that I also enjoy designing clothing as well as other mediums and works. Its been an eye opener and is something I would do as a hobby potentially.

Thanks for reading.



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