Northern Design Festival

Dear reader, today I went on a trip to the assembly rooms to see the Northern Design Festival to see a range of different local designers. I found that the illustrations, brochure designs and ceramics the most interesting when looking round.

Overall my favourite designer and designs were by Guy Mitchell, makers of handmade Stoneware Tiles and Homeware in the United Kingdom. I Found myself drawn to the blue shades of colour, texture and the beautiful glazed finish of his work.

Having throughly enjoyed the designers work from the exhibition. My attention was also drawn rapidly to the beautiful interior of the assembly room. I found myself falling head over heels for this buildings old quirks and in the end took many photos of the colours, textures and structures that could be seen.


The colours was textures just surrounding the designers work was just as if not more inspiring for me in a weird way. It was the perfect setting or set for this exhibition and provided the right mood for the exhibition.


After my day exploring I found that the north east has so much talent to over in such a beautiful region full of incredible things to witness and see

Thank you for reading, until next time.


2 thoughts on “Day trip

  1. I love your angles! You have captured so many interesting lines that the eye follows. I want to follow the stairway going down from your second to the last photo and discover what is below. The first black and white photo with the window below is very nice. Love your eye!


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