The brief task ‘Journey’, asked us to explore Newcastle in small groups. On this Journey we made observed our natural surroundings, looking at texture, colour, patterns, lines and shapes. We documented this using cameras which would then inform our surface designs. I enjoyed collecting multiple images to start off this rotation, looking at my surroundings with a new perspective and capturing colour which I usually am hesitant to use. The certain themes that came from these images were, organic forms, urban, gritty areas, colour and brightness.

The photos I took of my surroundings were predominantly taken on the ground or different surfaces which everyday people walk upon. Leading me to appreciate the different textures and surfaces that are barely taken into consideration or perhaps even not seen as beautiful. These are a select few out of roughly twenty photos taken on my iPhone 6.

From these visuals, I picked out certain windows or areas that caught my attention and began to move into the experimental stage. This consisted quick mark making sketches, paint strokes and promarkers to achieve some initial designs. I combined the themes, visuals and mark making and produced some vibrant detailed designs. Through exploring different techniques such as block colouring, continuous line drawing, paint strokes and rough sketching. I learned to be comfortable with being expressive despite being frightened to make mistakes. At that point I realised the process of refinement would correct my mistakes, therefore giving me the lesson that mistakes are apart of the process to improvement.


For inspiration, I looked at Pinterest for different textile techniques, such as mirroring, block colouring, continuous line drawing and much more. All these pins informed me to how I could potentially respond to this project pushed me into the development stage.

To see how my designs could be used in the design industry,  I researched coffee mugs and kitchen ware designs which then lead me to designing on layout paper to create my own interior surface designs. For me when I think of patterns, I see interior objects like glassware, curtains, carpets, furniture as supposed to seeing it on fashion garments.



For developing the project I took five words that described how I feel this rotation has gone and created small surface design sketches based on these words. These initial small sketches would then be produced to a larger scale in which we would layer
with colour, marks and patterns.

Media and Material

A vast range of different media and materials were used throughout this project. Starting with photography then working with fine liners, colour promarkers, paint, watercolour, photocopying to produce to visually exciting designs. I generally stuck to the colours blue, sea green and purple. This was due to the fact that I like these colours within surface designs that could be seen in interior spaces and also due the shades of colour from my photos at the beginning.


At this point, here are two of my best designs so far.



In Conclusion, this project has left me inspired as I have learned so much about an area that I’ve never done before leaving me to see how simple mark making and colours can be made into something really exciting. Having the freedom to explore, experiment, create with making mistakes is something out of my comfort zone as I believe I am a slight perfectionist. I enjoyed taking my photos and finding details in them to sketch but it also made me more aware of my details in my surroundings, new perspective and more observant.

For the two A3 surface designs, I will either use the mirroring patterns seen above or go back to my initial mark making ideas and produce a design with watercolour and cross hatching lines of different pro markers.

Thank you for reading.


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