Fine Art

Nearing the end of my rotation weeks, I was really intrigued to seeing my last brief. After the introduction, I was really excited and intrigued by the brief ‘Something like a Phenomenon’. Visually I could think of several routes of topics that branched of from this project task. Ideas from mythology, Norse folklore, illusion, emotional landscapes and the chosen topic secrets.

img_0385To further my ideas for secrets, I collected some visuals from painters to inspire me to create my own exciting responses for the brief. Ideas for secrets came mainly from my view, the things I associate with secrecy such as forbidden love, bottling of emotions, drowning in your thoughts and leading ultimately to self-destruction. Immediately I knew my response would be digital, either film or photography and in the end it was both digital medium I used in the format of an animation.

To look at secrets further, I thought of certain objects that could symbolise secrecy. Symbolic objects like a key or a diary could symbolise this. However this was too almost cliché and I wanted to create my own symbol. A large red rose stuffed in the mouth for me gives the message of forbidden love, being unable to speak your mind, secrecy killing you slowly.


The Artists that inspired my work were Francesca Woodman, Mike Nelson and Rene Mariette.

And yes this red rose is very real, I had to cover the stem with foil to protect my mouth as i didn’t want to poison myself. That would be fatal!

Francesca woodman’s beautifully dark photography was inspirational as I feel it dealt with similar themes to my project. Her style is very unique and you can feel each photograph, each one has such raw emotion that really captures your attention.

Mike Nelson’s photographs of distressed rooms and installations were interesting as it shows the marks of those previously in those environments and perhaps suggests trauma. I included this artist as I found the simplicity of his work intriguing and was a style I wanted to include in my work.

Rene Mariette’s oil on canvas painting ‘The Lovers II’ is simply captivating and says so much with its colours, composition and unusual context. I feel this painting progressed my idea of forbidden love and being unable to profess this to the world. The two lovers are separated by the contrast of blue and red, the sheets over their heads and hiding to the world. For me I want to communicate the tragedy of this and how the secret can be so self-destructive.



In developing my work further, I took my several images and rearranged them my preferred order that would be the foundation for my animation/film.

From here on, creating this film was going to be challenging, it had to be short, precise and to the point. It needed to say everything in a small amount of time and luckily the visuals did most of this for me. Editing it to explain secrecy, forbidden love and self-destruction would be difficult. However I feel I took on the challenge and made it with sensitivity which made it more understandable to an audience.

Media and Materials 

For every project, sketching ideas is essential and done with fine liners and graphite pencils. However instead of following the more traditional painterly route I’ve gone for a more digital response. I combined photography with film, making a slight animated moving image on iMovie. This wasn’t difficult for me as I’ve previously used this software and like using repeated images to create as static animation.


I played around with well over 100 images repeated after each other in my preferred sequence. From having made this foundation, it enabled me to freely experiment with coloured images, changing speeds and the overall picture of how it would look as a whole. I brought in block layering and overlapping images to further portray the idea of discomfort and self-destruction over time.



Overall this project for me has been exceptionally exciting. Producing a response in my preferred medium of film, photography and animation. The film is roughly 30 seconds long, very short but I feel it says everything that my project has been about and hopefully you’ll like as much as I do. Unfortunately I can’t seem to upload my final response here at present moment as the file is too large. But here is a link to my Vimeo

I have thoroughly enjoyed making this film and I hope you all enjoy it.

Thank you for watching and listening, any feedback is most welcome.


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