Life Drawing

Hi reader

At this current stage I have had two life drawing sessions. When I knew I would be doing life drawing again i immediately thought why didn’t I do more drawing over the summer … Then again I thought … okay its been three months since I last picked up a pencil and now I have the chance to try something new and have the ability to be experimental, total art freedom.

Heres some of the first drawings completed on the first week of my foundation.

The tasks varied from 2 minute to 10 minute drawings. Longer 40 minute studies which enabled us to develop the study further with colour, shading and detail. Then blind drawing, continuous line drawing and only shading for creating the figure. My favourite was the forty minute tasks as it enabled me to get a good perspective drawing and then work in with colours. I predominantly used charcoal, coloured soft pastels and oil pastels. My least favourite was blind drawing, i cannot not look at my page for one and when I did look back I found it unrecognisable to compare it with the model and created something rather monstrous looking in fact. But i guess this is something that I lack confidence in and possibly that came across on the page.


The second session was similar in tasks, however I approached it differently by picking up more colours for shading. I found that I was more confident in this session. Having done it once before meant I new my strengths and weaknesses and could work on them during the set tasks.

Overall I feel my skills have improved and I’m more confident in braving experiments and adding colour to my work. Something I definitely used to shy from due to accuracy and perfection being the main focus at my last course. In conclusion its been different and new. Knowing I have more creative freedom has lead me to create some really interesting work.

Thank you for reading



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