Having now finished all six rotations, I’ve chosen to specialise in Visual Communication as I feel this area of design will allow me to learn new skills and maximise the skills already have.  At this stage, I will begin to explore different course and universities within this specialism to help refine my progression on this course towards my desired direction.

Film and Television is an area I’m keenly interested in and would like to hopefully choose towards applying with UCAS. There are variety of universities that have this course and through looking at Unistats and the Guardian League tables leading up to 2017. Has enabled me to narrow down which  courses best suit me and finding accredited courses. The course and university that appeals to me the most is Edinburgh university. Due to being the best in the uk and having already visited their open days three times I can truly say it lives up to its name.

Heres the list of places for Film and Television as well as mixed Art and Design courses.


  1. Edinburgh University (Open day 24th of September 2016, very popular and only 10 places available each year)
  2. York University ( Open day 10th of September 2016, amazing facilities for becoming good with equipment)
  3. UAL London College of Communication / 5th of November 2016
  4. Ravensbourne University / 11th of March 2017
  5. Leeds College of Art / Visual Communication
  6. Leeds University / Film, Photography and Media



  1. The European Film School 
  2. The London Film School / Visiting by only booking a tour
  3. The National Film and Television Film School / 12th of November 
  4. The Met Film School / 1st of December 



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