For our exhibition coming up in a couple of days, we were given a brief task of producing two post card designs with the theme of ‘connections’. My designs along with everyone else’s will be auctioned off to raise money for our end of year final showcase. 

When thinking of the theme, ideas of people and family came to mind first, along with connecting lines, shapes and dots. Then I went a bit deeper and thought about how connected we are to our environments and surroundings. 

My first design was sketched out on layout paper by using fine liners. I drew two hand almost touching with the connecting lines and dots. Then scanned this into photoshop to then design over it with lettering and colour. I played about with shapes and colour and the applied two phrases ‘Hello Friend’ and ‘Don’t be a stranger’ to keep within the theme of a postcard. 

Having made the first one I then applied the same process when designing the second postcard. For this design I drew two trees with their roots below ground entwining, I got the idea Wuthering Heights and nature and how people connect. I layered block rectangular shapes of colour with opacity on top then applied the phrase ‘Don’t loose touch’ for  extra emphasis.

Overall I prefer the second design as it’s more interesting, playful and daring. It was a fun task and I hope the exbibtion auction goes well for everyone. 

Thanks for reading 


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