Reflection of Week 1 of Specialist Project

Prior to beginning my first week of Specialism in Visual Communication. I was instructed to find five    purely typographic and five visual/ illustrative typographic responses. This was interesting for me as I’ve hardly worked with typography or learnt much about it in previous years. After selecting all ten images I then needed to produce my own two designs, one based on a solely typographic response and one on an illustrative typographic response. Having done the research for this task, it made it easier to experiment and create my own.


Research work.


I actually produced to illustrative designs as I got carried away and enjoyed the process of exploring my outcomes.


Before starting specialism I was given the task of finding the alphabet in found random objects and letters. In conjunction with this I was also given the task to bring in five random objects which would work in conjunction with our workshop that week. My task was to choose three letters then design on top of them using words for inspiration. My letters J, K, and L were inspired by the words Nature, waves and patterns. Through experimentation I produced three different designs with colour and mark making.


L designs


Then after, the five found objects were needed to arrange and create the shapes of four random Letters. And then trace over them with fine liners to produce illustrations of those letters. I then chose to work into them with coloured pro markers and push them further in Photoshop with colour blocking.

img_0105 img_0104 img_0156

Once completing these tasks which were valuable for starting to work with typography and design. I had an induction to typography and the different classifications, serif, sans serif, gothic, block and more. I learnt that there are many variations within these classifications and learnt through thorough research on Pinterest and DAFONT.COM.  I found that certain fonts are better for different brands or functions, for example a coffee shop would need a font that communicates its product and aroma that goes with it.


For the next task I partnered up and worked on a slogan, “Sweet Sorrow” which comes from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Act 2, Scene 2, line 186.  This was a brief task therefore I made some fast sketches and ideas for possible outcomes for this oxymoron, which would undoubtedly play on the characteristics of the words themselves.


Literal ideas of candy, treats and sweet things quickly came to mine. The word sorrow however has more of a fading, grungy feel to it. Other ideas were flowers, children and general cuteness. This could also be flipped on its side for sorrow, dying beautiful flowers, a crying adorable child and much more. I would say this brief is easier visually as supposed to creating a purely typographic response. Having done a few workshop tasks I can see that find the solely typographic responses much more challenging than the illustrative tasks. It may be due to not having done much work in this area before or i find it hard to be excited and inspired by pure letter shapes and therefore find it hard to visualise possible outcomes for it.

When given the brief with all the possible choses of slogans to choose from I debated between ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ and ‘Sweet Sorrow’. I wanted to do the first slogan as I feel it would challenge me more creatively but knowing how much I’ve struggled to grasp the initial tasks so far, I chose ‘Sweet Sorrow’ in the end. This worked well as I had already made mind map work and possible thumbnail designs.


Having now worked into my chosen slogan for this project I am feeling more confident in the direction I’m taking and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.


I’m excited to see what responses I create and how different they are to anything I’ve previously done before. At the moment I’m taking the project further through mind map work, sketching, colouring and photocopying.

Overall my first week of specialism has been interesting and challenging, I don’t think I’m naturally good at typography but have enjoyed learning about it. Gaining this knowledge has helped me narrow down which parts of design I do like and look forward to leaning more about design and myself.







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