Final Evaluation

Sweet Sorrow

When finalising the end of the project, this last week was mainly refining the outcome for the illustrative piece. From coming up with initial mind map and concepts, I began to experiment, explore and continue using new media to find an interesting concept for the brief.

These initial ideas were thought through, developed and made into designs.

This sketch was made into an idea from a simple picture found on Pinterest with a young girl blowing bubble gum. Using fine liners and a coloured ball point I created the silhouette and extended the pink bubble gum down her throat, leaving a dripping wavering heart below. I felt this idea was strong and could be developed further. However I produced many initial ideas for this outcome that when it came to choosing this idea was left behind.


My other ideas where all different in style as I wanted to push myself with different medias. These medias ranged from a vast amount. I experimented with Pencils, pro-markers, ball point, fine liners and card. This enabled me to understand which type of materials I work best with and continue to develop the project with my strengths.





For inspiration, I looked at two artists. Firstly Lodge’s work is bold, strong and striking to the eye. I really like his strong style and how prominent it is. I decided to make a sketch, picking out parts of his style to create my own. By this point, I knew I wanted to use a face or portrait for my design and decided to use a print out of a young girl’s face to experiment with.  I blocked out a lot of the girl’s features with a large black marker, then refined the edges with a small tipped fine liner. My other chosen artist David Bray, also has a striking style. However the technique was more unrefined and rough, I know myself that I preferred this style but decided to steer clear as I  had previously used this technique in another project.



To develop the project, I made many sketches and thumbnails of possible ideas for my outcome.

Sweet treats idea, melting candle crying on top of cupcake. These are the three different variations.


This design i created from a Pinterest image of a young girl. I added the heart to add the sorrow into the design.



From the feedback I had, I decided to choose the sketch I made in response to the artist Gregory Gilbert Lodge. I made various variations of this style with different media and the stencil design was favoured most by my peers. I refined it further by adding candy colours and suitable lettering. I would say I made several versions of this design and still could not create a design that captured to slogan. I feel I either lost what the slogan was about through the design or perhaps lost my excitement for this design. I feel the image was good in its original state and I destroyed it in photoshop. It may be that i work better with hand-drawn work instead of photoshop.


Final Outcome

In all honesty I was disappointed in my outcome for the illustrative outcome. It may be that I found this project to be out of my depth and was something i’d never done before. Therefore I struggled to  visualise anything to a the slogan and follow through with my ideas in the time I had. The reason for the outcome not being strong may have been because I was not comfortable with the materials and technique I was using. As well as not choosing the idea I felt was more interesting to me, i chose the concept that appealed to others most but did not feel passionate about this design and therefore failed to produce a meaningful design.  My design lacks the excitement, intrigue and appeal that should present the slogan, ‘Sweet Sorrow’. I Would really like to redo the design but with the concept I initially wanted to go with, I think I need to take a more decisive action with the direction of the project i go with and will hopefully produce stronger designs.


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