Week 1, Project 2


On day 1,  I started project two called ‘Branding’. I learned about the different types of branding from identity by looking at colour and typography to the types of advertising such as zines. After receiving the list of stores to begin our project with. I chose Urban Outfitters and All Saints. I decided that they were right for my project and shops I admire, like to browse in and purchase from. These two brand inspire me from their overall look of store, colouring and identity. As well as their merchandise and products. I sourced my own primary research from these stores by looking at the inside interior to the shop windows. Both brands are different in terms of style, target market and retail pricing, and was interesting initial research for the project.



On day 2, a double page spread was taken up for brainstorming of visual designs for branding. I looked at zines, logos, posters, brochures and music album covers. I loved exploring the many variations of designs and picked the ones I found the intriguing into my research.


On day 3, I was given my muse task sheet with a list if different individuals who are well known. I debated over a few of the names before choosing Lorde. I would say she was a less obvious options as supposed to the likes of Prince or Kurt Cobain. She has a very short but interesting rise to the music industry and has some distinct features which can be explored visually.


I do really admire Lorde and her music, in particular the music video for her first debut single ‘Royals’ which was instantly a major hit worldwide. I love her unusual winged eye liner, distinctive hair and piercing blue eyes. For more visuals, I would probably play with some of her lyrics like ‘queen bee’ and other phrases for inspiration. As well as visuals of her background such as New Zealand. The main colours I would experiment with would be black, white, blue, green, silver and gold. All this research is put into a visual mind- map containing the main features of the artist Lorde.

I’m really looking forward to developing this project and see the types of visuals there is possible for my muse.

Heres my sketchbook work so far in progressing and developing the project.

img_0498 img_0499 img_0500 img_0501




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