Design exploration

During week two I unfortunately missed some workshop sessions due to having a bad cold whilst also travelling to open days for courses I’m interested in applying to. However despite this I pushed on by designing, sketching and coming up with possible logo design for my project which is based on the solo artist Lorde.


 By using fine liners, coloured pro markers and transparent paper I began to outline Lorde’s distinctive features, such as her hair, winged eyeliner and unique style. This enabled me to create certain shapes and patterns that could then used as a style for her name as a logo. Not only did the visuals of Lorde inspire me but also her lyrics from her hit single, ‘Royals’.

“We crave a different kind of buzz
Let me be your ruler, you can call me Queen B”

From knowing the song and remembering how popular it came to be around the world, instantly when I chose this artist I imagined visuals of bees, crowns and a strong style for my design logo. I want to portray her feisty, feminine stature that for me is what makes her so unique to other artists. Therefore I immediately started sketching and designing bee visuals but still keeping in mind her grunge, indie style throughout.

I Produced a bee sketch with finer liners and felt it could be progressed further in Photoshop with colour and repetition to create a pattern design.  I added a strong yellow colour, to represent gold to emphasis her queen bee lyrics. I liked this pattern a lot as its interesting and experimental. However It portrays too much sweetness which does not communicate my artist’s style.


This pattern design was experimented with a swing tag style and layering which can be seen in my sketchbook.

Then through the week I needed to complete three drawing tasks, each one using a different style to experiment, challenge myself and find the exact style I would use for my logo design.

Continuous line drawing is a technique I would say I’m the least comfortable with as I like be in control of the outcome where this taught me to embrace the outcome I was left with. I enjoyed exploring this style but am unsure to whether It communicates sweetness as supposed to strength.


When experimenting with geometrical trace, I found it to immediately communicate my artists style, characteristics and lead me to some interesting designs.


I explored both the bee visuals and Lord’s facial features with this technique. I prefer the bee as a simple logo design but feel the geometric trace of her face and crown to be really striking and different. I intend to explore this further in my art direction, but for the few days I has left I looked at simplifying the bee design further. To do this I used coloured card and metallic pens that communicated her boldness.


Towards my art direction I have experimented and challenged myself. The logo design will be presented in a mood board along with colours, other design concepts and font logo design.

img_1635 img_1637

Inspiration taken from


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