Having now explored my chosen artist Lorde through design and various sketching techniques.  Now in week three developing stationary designs using my logo concepts I created after in week two of this project. I thoroughly enjoyed creating various logo designs and meant that I had a few to choose from.



In all, I did some extensive experimentation for Lorde as I felt i needed to explore all my ideas and could see many potential styles and looks for my artist. I prefer the monochrome look as it conveys Lorde’s grungy aura about her. Fine liners were the best way to sketch and try new styles and my preferred technique was the geometric trace which I ended up using for most of the final designs.

Having created the logo design for my artists brand identity. Next was to design the stationary which included a letter head, compliment slip and business card. To develop these designs I created a mood-board with various patterns that complimented my style and characteristic of my artist and logo designs.


This mood board was purely made to show the various styles, patterns and outlook of the type of styles that could potentially be explored and discretely put into my stationary designs. Repeated geometric shapes were explored as well as dotted patterns which linked well with my Lorde’s brand identity.

  To compliment the logo designs, I experimented with colour, pattern and watercolour. It was important for me not to over complicate the design and leave space for the information of my artist.

img_1881 img_1882

Strong colours such as red, yellow and orange I included in my thumbnail sketches as I felt they were bold, feisty and completely wrapped up Lorde’s main distinctive features of being edgy and played with the colours of a bee. To emphasis her queen bee identity, I played around with triangular shapes which could be seen a bee stings. This for me was a simple way of playing with her strong qualities in a colourful suggestive way.

Having experimented with a more geometric, angular approach I decided to explore orange dots in various patterns and layouts.


This design above worked really well in my sketchbook. However when it came to creating this design in both Illustrator and InDesign. I struggled to execute the excitement and layout of the thumbnail with quality. I’ve shown the process in my sketchbook to how the experimentation but I feel I work better with hand drawn designs due to lacking the skills of knowing how to use certain software. This is something I need to improve as my strong ideas are let down by my lack of IT skills.

img_1884 After having struggled with making my ideas into strong outcomes through InDesign, I moved back to creating my designs more predominately by hand.

img_1885 img_1886

By changing back to more hand drawn approach to designing my stationary in InDesign meant I could have better control of the outcomes for my stationary. I chose I chose a deep shade of purple to suggest my Lord’s grungy quality and let it drip down the page for a dramatic striking appearance. These designs are much stronger than the earlier patterned concepts purely created with my chosen software. The purple adds excitement, intrigue and allowed me to explore the various logos on photocopies of the study.

As I enjoyed using watercolour so much, it lead me to another idea. I decided to created a background wash to a logo design using geometric trace of Lord’s face to create a colourful study which I combined together in InDesign.


I throughly enjoyed creating this stationary design that I went ahead to created all three stationary designs. I started with lightly tracing the face on watercolour card, then I applied the watercolour to various parts of the face and blew on the ages to create the spilling effect. Then I scanned this into InDesign, applied the geometric logo design and finally the Lorde typography that I created to show where my lettering would be placed.

At this stage, I feel confident that I have produced some designs with a mixture of different media’s, styles, mistakes and some good quality design concepts.


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