Having produced various designs that would possibly be final design through having a bit more refinement. I decided that I wanted to explore one more idea before committing to my chosen design for my stationary.


I decided to simplify my Lorde face and tiara logo and create a more complex or striking backdrop for my stationary collection. To begin, I used transparent paper over the existing logo and created numerous simpler logo designs. Different techniques were explored, continuous line, jagged, swirly and straight fine liner marks and more. I found the simpler I made the design the easier and more visible it became to the eye. Which in an essence is what a logo should comply of, making it recognisable to a customer and potentially to a wider span of audience eventually.


For the backdrop, I steered away from my previous mood boards looking at complex, intricate patterns and focused on colour and line marking instead. The new simpler logo needed to be lifted by either vibrancy or interesting marks which would complement its style. Since my logo consisted of swirly, loose pen marks. I felt the backdrop should mimic that, emphasising it and making it more apparent to the eye.

By using coloured pro- markers, card and the freedom to create endless marks. I made some really bold lines in which I scanned into Photoshop. Firstly I tried putting the swirly marks into the design, but found it too overpowering and distracting. After having found this style to complicate my stationary designs, rather than compliment them. I then took the simplest loose brushstrokes, enlarged them, brightened them and finally placed them underneath my logo design. This layout worked extremely well, leading me to play with this composition of marks.

img_1967 img_1968

When refining this design, an appropriate typeface for Lorde needed to be used to fit the design. Immediately, I knew a simple swirly typeface would complete the overall style and therefore I looked at the refining one I envisioned with different thicknesses of fine liners.


The first mock ups of the stationary designs were strong and concise in style throughout the collection. The colours shown here are not correct to the design, but do show the overall look and the clear contrast of the two which I feel lifts the design. However the stationary designs still needed refining.


I found that the edges of the typeface were not long enough for the design and didn’t sit well in the layout as it was. By taking the typeface into illustrator I was able to extend the lines using the pen tool. This made the layout look more fluid.


Having refined this stationary collection through extensive sketchbook research, development and media. I overall feel that this is a strong design for the final collection. I do however prefer the previous logo design and watercolour inks. Both designs have been out of my comfort zone, however I like the more striking visuals of the previous to this design and feel it communicates her style more correctly. In all, this design is strong enough as a final outcome for the stationary design and a this point is my final design.


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