Final Evaluation

The project brief branding, involved me creating a visual brand identity for my chosen ‘Muse’. To gain wider knowledge on branding, our task was to photograph two stores and comment on their styles and what made them unique and different. I chose Urban Outfitters and All Saints, two very successful brands that had strong visual characteristics. The second task meant that I needed to collect ten various intriguing logos and Zines to make sure I understood the components and layouts that go into making one as I would be creating at least one of these later on in the project.

Then to start the brief off, I chose the solo artist Lorde as my muse. After deciding the important beginning stage of my project, thorough research into my muse began. Exploring her background, obvious visual characteristics, style and developed this into a mood board in my sketchbook. Making these foundations already, drawing workshops enabled me to develop Lorde into hand drawn sketches that enabled me to capture her identity through different techniques such as continuous line drawing and geometric trace. After thoroughly delving myself into experimentation, my next task was to create a visual mind map of my desired brand direction featuring styles, typography and colour schemes.

Initially in my experimentation I expressed Lorde through my sketches and ideas too sweetly and decided once starting my outcomes for my project to steer from this visual style to her real style which was grungy, edgy and earthy. I expressed this through earthy colours that matched her cultural background by looking at New Zealand scenery. Produced edgy fine liner markings for all sketches throughout the project. And made sure to continuously check I wasn’t steering away from her characteristics.

For my outcomes I needed to produce a logo, stationary designs and two other media. I thoroughly enjoyed creating the logo’s but found myself getting carried away and not deciding on a final design, through group critique’s, I was given useful feedback enabling the strongest design to be made clear.

For my stationary designs, I took some advice with which designs were preferred and this in the end my most colourful and experimental design was liked the most. Even though I did prefer other designs to this one, it was the most sophisticated and simple out of them all and I feel the feedback was relevant and spoke of what was most interesting to the viewer.

Here is my stationary collection and final logo.

Business card, compliment slip and letterhead 

Logo design

For the other media, I chose to make a Vinyl cover and T-Shirt design for Lorde.

Mood board for visual inspiration 

Firstly I began to look at band and solo artist covers. I had already previously looked at band covers early on in my project which enabled me to focus on the exact style I wanted to explore for my project. A mellow, moody and earthy atmospheric look is what I want to incorporate into my cover.

Vinyl covers and ideas 
I really loved looking at these designs at the beginning of my project and hoped I would be able to explore this media as part of my branding project. For my Vinyl cover I sketched out variations of how the front and back could look and the visuals that could be included within the composition of components that made up the media.

Thumbnail sketches 
By playfully exploring with the ideas I envisioned for my cover, I began to get carried away and created multiple responses for possible designs.

Whilst creating this cover, I made a short sting using the word of my artist. I love moving imagery and testing the limits with creating commercial moving images that advertise or communicate a point and for me this was my perfect opportunity.


Short sting ad

Secondly I chose to create a T-Shirt for other medium. I explored different band tees and most of them were similar in style. Simple, clean cut and trendy to the eye. I looked at Twenty one pilots and more sports wear such as Stussy. These Tee’s are popular for a reason and have been dominating clothes stores for some years.

I began by sketching out T-shirt designs from a template I printed to a small size and then began exploring from there.

T-Shirt thumbnails 
I played with colour, lines and used the different typefaces and logos I explored with my stationary designs. I found that all three words

Lorde / Pure / Heroine

All ended in ‘E’ and therefore can be experimented with visually.

Overall, my outcomes for my project were reasonably successful. Throughout the project I made sure to keep check of my artist and her visual identity, making it easier to produce her brand identity in my outcomes. I believe I have fulfilled the brief and have brought links in from different stages of the project making it tie together well. However I would have loved more time to explore  the vinyl cover and T-shirt designs further as I feel they should have been developed further. Perhaps something to take into the next project and learn from it. I have learnt some valuable skills in illustrator and InDesign through workshops, enabling me to take my ideas and then create them into designs. I would say my strengths still lie within the initial stages, the ideas and sketching. The more technical side of this project I struggled with and am continuing to develop further.



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