Personal Statement

What intrigues me when I watch films are the colours, moods, soundtracks and lighting and most importantly an expressive actor or actress playing their character effectively enabling the viewer to connect with the story as it unfolds. Filmmaking to me is all about communicating a message or an idea that is controversial, unique or interesting.

My fondness for film began in early childhood. Being an only child I would bond with the characters in my favourite stories and look upon them as my companions. As I grew older I would recite lines, listen to and recognise cinematic soundtracks and re-enact stories with my friends. The one that stuck with me the most was Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands soundtrack, just one element that made that film so brilliant.

I am a highly visual person and predominantly love working with moving imagery and photography. My work is influenced by professionals such as Steve McCurry, Francesca Woodman and Sally Mann. I like to capture a moment, to look at small details in our everyday lives. To present moments in a creative manner is something I found challenging and rewarding. I aim to create thought provoking work that communicate important meaningful messages. I embrace challenges and they make me produce my best work.

My current studies for a foundation diploma has enabled me to explore briefs with film and I produced a short clip consisting of multiple images repeated to convey the feeling of keeping a secret. I enjoyed this project immensely as I incorporated my photography and editing skills.

During my A level studies in Fine Art and Graphic Design I applied my interest in film to my projects creating filmic responses. I produced an intermediate film piece experimenting with light and shadows in response to a study of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Rebecca’, 1942. I also produced a final exam piece, a moving image combining film and photography, titled ‘Movement and Moments’, 2016. This was entered into a young filmmaker’s competition at Berwick Film festival 2016 and I was pleased to receive news that it had been chosen for screening.

Film studies was never available to me at A level so to improve my knowledge I have attended film production workshops at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle, exploring documentary production and learning briefly about the beginnings of film. I have also studied film using Andrew Dix’s ‘Beginning Film Studies’ and watched recommended movies. English Literature enabled me to develop my understanding of films through reviewing movies and studying texts learning about genres such as Film Noir and French New Wave.

Outside school activities includes photography lessons with a brilliant local photographer. I participated in an Art and Design course at the Laying Art Gallery in Newcastle attaining a Bronze Art Award. I completed the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award aged 16. I volunteered with Northern Architectures on a project called ‘100 Places’ for 3 years. We developed a digital games App, created to inform and excite our young generation to visit heritage sites in my region. It was a rewarding project and enabled me to pitch ideas, do team building activities and work with design agencies in Newcastle. I have had three work experience placements with Guerilla Communications Ltd that enabled me to work on live briefs such as the Alnwick Castle Summer campaign. I produced a storyboard and pitched my idea to the Creative Director. I have also attended a Norwegian Saturday School for 10 years to study Norwegian language and heritage. My dual nationality has allowed me to discover two cultures and appreciate their differences in film and television.


In doing this course I aim to achieve a broader understanding of film and explore the process of filmmaking from script to screen. I also hope to be able to discover the avenues of work available within the film industry that I would I would be most suited to so that I can pursue my future career in this field.





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