Project 3, week 2

To Kill A Mockingbird

Now At the development stage of my project, my book cover design was starting to take shape. From the minute I got the brief I knew that I had only about a week and a half to produce a fresh, interesting and unique design. Different to previous designs seen for this immensely well renowned and loved book. It was a challenge that really got me excited about the project, especially working with stills from the the oscar winning film and taking all my research into the designing stage.

Prior to developing the project, I created a mini summery of all the important factors that really summed up the novel and all it’s prominent themes. The main one that stood out to me was the destruction of the innocent and racial injustice. The story is narrated through young Scout and therefore plays a major part to the visuals. Whilst watching the film, the sequence of Scout moving inside the tire was a visual that hadn’t been played around before with previous book designs and therefore made sense to try this new perspective on the book design. I combined this with the slogan


This would be he foundation to which I would then experiment with layout, colour and text on top.



Quick brief sketching to explore other ideas before settling on my initial idea. From constructive feedback, my initial idea was preferred to the other ideas due to its vibrancy and uniqueness to other ideas.

Having now decided to go with my initial idea, most of the prep sketching, colour considerations had been started. This meant that I could continue to develop the the tire wheel with scout inside by further exploring colour combinations. For me the colours red and orange were most ideal to portraying danger and urgency. Either then combined with a light grey or calmer colour would level out the intensity of the design. The wheel needed to be the most vibrant visual of the design in order to make it stand out and be eye catching.

img_2075 img_2076

By photocopying my earlier layout ideas, I could develop this by choosing exactly where I would like the tire wheel to be rolling across the book design. I decided to have the wheel rolling along both pages on the lower part of the book. However later when design in illustrator I changed this to just the front book cover, I felt it would be too repetitive to have the concept rolling on both pages and decided to make this decision.
img_2077The spine of the book was also taken into consideration. Once I had decided the overall front and back design, I decided to use a bright orange spine to compliment my design.

Colour tire wheel considerations

img_2079 img_2081 Final refined tire wheelimg_2082

Fonts that complimented the final tire wheel design.

Having now created the tire wheel and looked at appropriate fonts. I could then take these into the book design template and begin to experiment with layout, colour and refine the whole design. img_2084


Through refinement, I was able to create initial design the way I envisioned it and improved it further. Overall I feel this project even though the deadline was short has really challenged me creatively. Ive noticed a strength in my illustration skills, and feel more confident in my work. If there was a weakness, it would be to check my spelling mistakes as they cropped up a few times towards the final refinement of my book cover design. In conclusion I’m very pleased with my outcome and feel an immense improvement in my design and technical skills.


Project 3, Part 1


When beginning project three, I was given a prior research task to complete before starting the new brief. The task was to print off 10 images, two lots, in in black and white and other in colour. These images would then be used in the image manipulation workshop, trying different pen, colour blocking and pattern techniques. Colour manipulation is an interesting way of taking an original image and changing certain parts of it to create a new design. Copyrights of images can be difficult in the creative sector and therefore to by extra careful, image manipulation allows the deigned to comfortably use the image without taking another artists rightful piece of work.

Initially I was reluctant when doing this task as I felt uncomfortable with the process of playing with images and not having a specific outcome look at the end. Essentially it was creative ‘playing’ and this was something I haven’t had a lot of previous experience of.  However I thoroughly enjoyed the process of experimenting with different media, especially coloured pink card and white and gold opaque felt tip pens. Tracing paper, with coloured paper and coloured opaque white and gold pens.

To Kill A Mockingbird

“Remember It’s a sin to kill a mockingbird” – Atticus

When given the brief, my immediate thoughts were of all visuals and images that could be used for this project. For part one, our project is a live brief for Penguin Books. To design a book cover the the award winning novel To Kill A Mockingbird, the design has to be fresh and avoid styles to previous book cover designs for this popular book.

By doing thorough research on the book’s plot and also by watching the oscar winning film, I was able to condense what the novel was about and it’s different symbols and visuals could be experimented with creatively.

To begin with I collected existing book cover designs of the novel, which in essence were predominantly dated in style and had a classic approach design wise. Then I found various images of other book designs of other novels, predominantly well known ones with some really exciting design approaches. Generally they used illustration and a lot of block colouring which is a style I would perhaps explore myself when designing my book cover.

Book cover examples and template.

Famous quotes from the novel.


A summery of the main points and themes of the novel.

Initial brainstorming

I then began to explore my initial thoughts and ideas for the project in response to the research I had dome so far. By sketching them out, It made it easier to see the possible book cover designs come to reality on paper. By taking my favourite visuals from the film, I then sketched out scout in the car tire which is rolling along the ground. I used various sizes of fine liners and drawing techniques and found to enjoy doing this a lot.

I refined the sketching to the one on the bottom far right.
Colour development of my favourite logo using block coloured card and tracing paper. 

Font exploration

I had a quick look at the types of font that I could use for any project, although this may be subject to change due to the image of illustration I choose to use for my book cover design.