Project Three, Part Two

Creative Advertising

For part two of our project three. Our new brief was to pick a new word not yet classified in the oxford dictionary, my non-words to choose from had different potentials for designs. The aim is to produce a creative poster design in order to communicate my non-word and hopefully gain it’s rightful place in the  Oxford English Dictionary.

To begin with I selected 10 creative adverts and annotated each one, looking at its message, style, colour palette, typography, composition and whether I like the overall design and would use it in my own designing.

Generally humour seemed to be a dominant theme throughout the creative adverts I had selected and is something I kept in mind in my development work.

img_2148-2 img_2149

Then through exploration, I gathered some images that reflected my non word, earworm.  Earworm  by definition is a catchy tune or lyric that is non-stop. Therefore I found some visual cues that would inspire my designing and development work on my word.
img_2150 Through mind map work and collaging, I very quickly realised that I would be using musical symbols such as earphones, headphones and music technology within my designs. By mind mapping the word, I was able to narrow down exactly what the word could entail in terms of meaning and imagery with literal and non literal cues. img_2151

Immediately sketching was a great way to begin to think about the style and imagery by bringing the thoughts on the mind map to life. Fine liners and coloured card and pens were used in order to develop these ideas further. img_2152-2

By looking at font, I could communicate the type of fonts I envision would go with the word earworm. In all, I felt that an irregular, unreformed font would work best. Communicating the visuals that would be associated with a worm. I found various font on DAFONT.COM that could potentially work really well and would need to wait until I have my visuals before applying them to my chosen creative ad idea. img_2153

When developing my ideas with mixed media, I felt it was important to try different colours, that being consistently vibrant and bright to catch the attention of the viewer. As well as being closely linked to the colouring of a worm.
img_2156-2 img_2157 Towards the end of the week, I began to explore the idea of writing inside the head using swirly handwriting and words that consistently suggested how earworm is for the person having it, almost like being a victim of earworm. By taking my own photographs It made it easy to begin sketching with the style of pose I wanted. The swirly fine liner sketching worked well and I tried a few versions in order to find the best style. In the end I liked the ones that connected by continuous line drawing to the earphone. However I may retake or take more photographs as I think the quality of my photographs could have been better. In all I would like to explore more ideas and take more photographs in order to produce a strong creative ad that communicates the meaning of my non word earworm effectively. img_2158-2