Part two, week two


Now into the final week of my project I was able to focus on the style, imagery and final poster design.

These images show a sequence of movements that put together with the slogan on top look extremely interesting. I thought that it could capture that feeling of having earworm. I’ve got that earworm, meaning that tune you can’t get out of your head, whether you like it or not.

Firstly I decided to respond with photography by capturing my model wearing earphones for my word earworm. Then to communicate the words meaning, I sketched using continuous line drawing using fine liners. The outcome was interesting and I decided to take it into illustrator and manipulate the colours.

By adding wording it made it more interesting. However I’m not too keen on the style I put on them, the sketching would have looked a lot better if they were less complex or i excluded the earphone wires that dangle from the head. Overall they are interesting but I decided to leave this style behind and go back to my initial ideas of which consisted of vinyl imagery.

Explored the head idea but found it to be too complex and not communicate my non word to its full advantage or compared to the other idea which consisted of a vinyl placed over the top half of the brain.

I began by basing the sketch on LP players and sketched out one by hand. I then scanned it into illustrator, used image trace and then expanded the illustration making it easier to manipulate parts of the design.

I began with using red as it was bold and vibrant to the eye. However I hadn’t explored or taken other colours into consideration. I also drew parts of the illustration separately in case the original sketch was hard to manipulate. Breaking the design down made it easier to visualise the overall style. Therefore enabling me to understand how best to fully communicate the meaning of ear worm. Due to earworm being both a positive and negative word, choosing the colour scheme was slightly difficult.

Therefore through media exploration I looked at colour combinations for the vinyl, choosing colours that contrasted and complimented each other. I used coloured card to explore the circular vinyl styled cut outs.

I also briefly explored a hand drawn font using a thick fine liner. Then took it into illustrator and experimented with the word producing three different designs. The variations consisted of thick block colouring, fine outlining and a red block colouring overlapping a cross hatch sketch I hand drew. Even though I did apply this the top font to one of my designs, I ended up leaving my hand drawn fonts as they clashed with the style of my illustration.

Below shows some Illustrator experimentation showing the progression from the simple block pink colour to the more developed designs with an abundance of colour. I also used the shape vector tool to create more inner rings to falsify the look of a vinyl record.


Overall I found choosing the final imagery that communicated my word a challenge, however I decided that the vinyl spinning over the head worked well and communicates that non stop tune of repeat in someone’s head.

Here is my final design

final-design-2 final-design-2

My final design I feel communicates the non-word earworm effectively and towards the end of this project, refining the colour scheme and overall look of my poster design was made through thorough refinement. Overall I’m very happy with the design and have gained more skills and feel a lot more confident in my outcomes.